The trademark is a distinctive sign that makes it possible to distinguish the goods and services of an enterprise from those of competing companies.

All signs capable of being represented graphically and in particular words, drawings, letters, digits, sounds, the shape of the product or its packaging, combinations or colour tones may be registered as a trade mark.

The registered trademark allows the owner to prohibit third parties from using identical or similar confusing trademarks, in relation to identical or similar goods or services. The brand is valid for 10 years, renewable.

We provide assistance in all the management activities of a trademark, from registration to the fight against counterfeiting. Together, we build a strategy that aims to enhance and defend your intellectual property rights.

Our Services

  • Brand Protection Strategies
  • Prior art searches in Europe and abroad
  • Preparation and filing of applications for registration in Italy
  • Preparation and filing of European, international and domestic foreign registration applications
  • Trademark watching service in Europe and Worldwide
  • Transcription of deeds of assignment or license relating to Italian, European, international and foreign national trademarks
  • Worldwide brand portfolio management
  • Worldwide patent surveillance service
  • Transcription of assignment or license deeds relating to Italian and foreign patents
  • Due diligence