In order to provide complete assistance to its clients in China and in Europe, Rozzi & Co works in partnership with Studio Bongiovanni to offer an integrated consultancy service to protect their intellectual property rights in Europe, also taking care of related tax, customs and commercial aspects.

With this agreement, Studio Rozzi & Studio Bongiovanni strengthen the synergy between their respective offices and aim to become a primary interlocutor for the protection of their clients assets and business in Europe and in P.R. China .

Studio Bongiovanni continues the professional activity started by dr. Sandro Bongiovanni in the second 50s with the creation of one of the first commercial firms in Rome with international capabilities able to assist Italian and foreign clients in the progressive development of the economy. Since then Studio Bongiovanni has steadily consolidated its initial position as one of the most important Italian commercial firms, accompanying the growth of customers in Italy and abroad and supporting the challenge of a market in growing globalization. The firm (Managed by Mr. Pietro Bongioanni e Mr. Andrea Trischitta) is currently composed of accountants and has correspondents in all the most important cities in Italy and abroad.

Rozzi & Consulmarchi with Studio Bongiovanni  work in Italian, English, French and Chinese language.